Why Join A Virtual Race?

With so many ‘live’ races to choose from nowadays, it may seem strange that more and more people are getting involved and taking part in virtual running events.

While it’s certainly true that there’s not much that can beat the atmosphere, support and sense of achievement that comes from taking part in live events, whether it’s your local parkrun or an ultra marathon on the other side of the world, taking part in a virtual race can have a whole range of benefits for new an experienced runners alike.

1. Motivation and Consistency

Staying motivated and maintaining consistency when training for a big race can be tough, but with virtual running you can keep yourself motivated by earning points for every race that you take part in.

2. Accessibility and Cost

Despite the ever increasing number of running events in the UK, live races can be costly, with high entrance fees, travel costs and more often than not, finding somewhere to stay the night before. With virtual running, you can run wherever you want and whenever you want, and can even run for free!

3. Competition

Virtual Races can also provide a bit of light hearted competition between friends. Whether you are fast or slow, anyone can earn points and climb the Virtual Running Leader Board by taking part in our monthly races.

4. Community

As well as taking part in virtual races each month,  you can also connect with the fast growing on-line running community through Virtual Running. Whether you want to blog about your training in our weekly blog hop, or join in with the banter between UK Run Chat’s #teamred and #teamblue on Twitter, taking part in our virtual races is a great way to share your running adventures and celebrate your success.

5. Bling

While you are welcome to run for free every month, there’s nothing like a bit of bling to help you stay motivated and celebrate your success. With a range of optional medals every month, you can choose the one that you like best to add to or kick start your collection.

To join the fun and find out about this month’s Virtual Races, please click here.

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