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2014 VRUK Blog Awards

Nominations Now Open!

Nominations are now open for the first ever Virtual Running UK Blog Awards. To nominate your own or someone else’s running blog, please read the information below.

Rules For Nomination

  • The blog must be primarily about running, although may cover other related topics.
  • The blog must be a personal blog, rather than one used to promote a business or on-line community.
  • The blog can be nominated by the owner or someone else.
  • The owner of the blog must agree to the nomination (we will contact them directly to confirm).

The Process

  • Nominations will close at midnight on 29th November.
  • Voting will take place from 1st December until 31st December.
  • Anyone can vote.
  • The winner will be announced on 1st January.

Update 30th November:
Nominations  for the blog awards are now closed, but you can still join our weekly blog hop. Click here for more information.

Welcome To Virtual Running UK

Today marks the launch of Virtual Running UK – a new virtual running community that is partly about bling, partly about blog hops and all about running!

Each month we will host a Free Virtual Run Blog Hop, where you can register, log a run, share your scores and share a post about your running adventures. In addition, some months we will also host medal races where you pay a small fee for your run and we will send you a participants medal in the post, along with logging your run as above.

Whether you are taking part in the free runs or the medals runs, every participant will also win points for every race that they run. These points will accumulate over the course of the year with free prizes and giveaways for those who earn the most points.

To register for Virtual Running UK, please complete the form below by typing REGISTER in the comment box and we will send you a unique registration number that you can use to log your runs and start accumulating points.

Happy Running!