May 30 Minute Dash

This month we are racing against the clock to see how far you can go in just 30 minutes.

Unlike most of our races, your result will be based on your distance, rather than your time, with those who run furthest in 30 minutes winning the most points (go to our races page and scroll down to see how the points work). And, of course, everyone who takes part will receive one of this month’s Bonus Race medals.

30 Minute Dash Medal

How to enter:

  1. Register using the PayPal Button below.
  2. We will email you a confirmation of your entry (and a registration number if you don’t already have one) within 24 hours of receiving your payment.
  3. Run for exactly 30 minutes between 1st and 31st May
  4. Email evidence of your run, showing the distance you covered in 30 minutes, before midnight on 31st May
  5. Receive your Virtual Running UK 30 Minute Dash medal in the post.

We are sorry but this race has now closed. Click here for more races.