Feel The Burn

Marathon season is upon us! To help motivate you on your long runs, or earn some extra bling for your big race, this month we are offering another chance to take part in the Feel The Burn Race Series.

How It Works:

This race is all about the distance, so it doesn’t matter how fast you go, as long as it is one continuous effort (long walks and runs with walk breaks are allowed). For every kilometre that you complete, you will earn 2 Bonus Points for next month’s Leader Board and, of course, everyone gets a medal!

Feel The Burn Race Medal

Points Guide:

  • 5K = 10 Points
  • 10K = 20 points
  • 10 Miler (16.09K) = 32 points
  • Half Marathon (21.1K) = 42 points
  • 20 Miler (32.18K) = 64 Points
  • Marathon (42.2K) = 84 points

These points are just a guide for standard distances, but you can complete any distance you like, no minimum or maximum!

How To Enter:

  1. Register using the PayPal Button below
  2. We will email you a registration number (if you don’t already have one)
  3. Run, Walk or Run/Walk for as long as you can without stopping between 1st and 30th June
  4. Email evidence of your completed distance (in kilometres please) before midnight on 30th June
  5. Receive your medal in the post at the beginning of July

We are sorry but this race has now closed.

Click here for details of this month’s races.

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