February Mini-Competition Winner

Congratulations to Heiki Hausman for earning a free medal in February’s mini-competition. 

Not only did she enter all 5 races last month, but she also came first in the women’s category in 4 of them, bagging a massive 245 points to climb to first place in the Women’s Leader Board.

A special mention also goes out to our top ten point scorers in February, which has seen some notable changes in the top of both the male and female Leader Boards.

Name Gender February Points Races Entered
Heike Hausmann F 245 4 free races + bonus race
Helen Brant F 180  4 free races
David Bruce M 176  4 free races + bonus race
Tim Gray M 148  4 free races
Joyce Morrison F 143 3 free races + bonus race
Mathew Whitten M 140  3 free races
Holly Matts F 134  4 free races
Jeannie Snelling F 128  3 free races + bonus race
Antony Lees M 124  3 free races
Matthew Gray M 120 2 free races + bonus race

With another 10 months still to go in this year’s points competition, however, there’s plenty of time to get involved and challenge the leaders by entering our free races and bonus races each month.

How To Get More Points:

  1. Enter as many of the free races as you can
  2. Work on your pace for your favourite distances
  3. Try walking or using a run-walk strategy to earn points for longer distances that you haven’t tried before
  4. Sign up for some of the bonus races to give your points a boost
  5. Try to take part in at least one free race each month to keep increasing your points

At the end of the year, the top 3 male and female runners will each receive a prize to mark their achievement. Last year’s winners each received one of the trophies pictured below.

If you’d like to get involved and put yourself in the running for one of this year’s prizes, you can sign up on our races page by following the link here.

And remember, you don’t have to be the fastest runner to win a prize!

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