13 in Thirteen

I’ve been asked to do a guest blog here on virtual running and to tell you about my story and charity challenge(s). So lets rewind to 2012.

Back in April of that year I topped the scales at near 20 stone. I then had a kick up backside from my  3 year old daughter who gave me a reality check. I then decided to lose weight and over next 4 months with help from a PT instructor dropped 4 stone. I then needed motivation to keep going so I signed up for the Great Yorkshire run 10k in Sheffield.

I did the race and finished in 57:58. Not a fast time by anyone’s standard but I was hooked.

Mohican RunnerI signed up for another 10k 2 weeks later and dropped down to 55:15 and then I was hooked on getting faster. By time I had done my 3rd 10k in December of that year I had gotten my 10k time down to 50:15. It was then I decided to do my first charity challenge. I always wanted to fundraise for the NSPCC as they saved me from abuse as a child. I came up with doing 13 10km races in 2013. The challenge was called “13inThirteen.”

The other part of the challenge was I had to set a new PB at each race. Over the 2013 my times continued to fall and I completed that challenge back in December 2013 with a PB of 41:17 and I managed to raise over £2,000 for the charity.

However I felt I had unfinished business so decided to up the challenge for 2014. I decided to keep the 13 in thirteen name and do 13 half marathons in 13 months, Jan ’14 to Jan ’15. Now before this I had only done one half marathon in 1:41:42 and set myself a goal of getting a sub 90 HM. The challenge was a lot harder, plus we had issues along the way.

Firstly the cancelled Sheffield HM meant I had to go all the way to Plymouth 2 weeks later to keep challenge going. I suffered a hamstring injury after my Feb HM but had to race a week later for my March HM. That was painful. At the Great North Run. I was struck down with illness at mile 11 and collapsed over the finish line. It turned I had severe Tonsillitis and was laid up for next few weeks. However I kept going and in October I finally ran under 90 minutes, then went faster in my next two half marathons. Then the other weekend was my final race in York and finished with a new PB of 83:17! and so far raised over £4k from my challenge, and through telling my own story the NSPCC has used that and raised over £1,000,000 from it.

I now have the following PB’s 5k – 18:33, 10k’ – 37:47,  HM 83:17.  I am now in training for London and my goal is to get a GFA time.  One thing that stands out about me is my obsession with going faster, oh and my Mohican.


My charity challenge site: 13inThirteen
My own blog: Mohican Runner
My justigiving page: Just Giving – 13inThirteen
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